Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Night With Coldplay

Lydia and I walked over to Union Station for the hell of it and to get some exercise. The place looks real bad, almost deserted. Luckily I looked into it and they are going to really reinvent the place with a big aquarium and a Ferris wheel. I've heard it will compare to Chicago's Navy Pier. 

Fun fact: the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" pictures were taken at St. Louis' Union Station when Truman was traveling to his home in Independence, Missouri.

So yeah, Coldplay. We were walking back from Union Station and I saw my buddy Matt driving by. He immediately pulled over and asked us if we wanted to go to today's Coldplay show at the Scottrade Center. They had some friends cancel and their sweet sweet tickets were up for grabs. Yes please! Lydia and I jogged home, took showers, changed clothes, and then jogged back to meet Matt and his wife Allison for dinner. Then we popped over to see the show.

Unfortunate souls at the merch table. Someone's going to be crying into their $30 Coldplay coffee mug tomorrow when the drugs wear off.

Alessia Cara was the opening act. She was fine but man that girl is a talker. She insisted on explaining every song before singing it. Blah.

Then it was time for some cold, cold play.

A very cool part of Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams Tour was the little bracelets that each of us were handed at the door. They are called Xylobands, and they contain a lot of color-changing lights and some sort of receiver.

The effect was something incredible. The lights would blink and change colors and be generally awesome in sync with each other.

My favorite song of theirs is "Viva la Vida". Lucky for them they played it.

The band seems pretty cool. At one point they walked across to the opposite end of the building and hopped onto a tiny little stage right below us. They sang a few songs for the people who couldn't buy the most expensive seats. I thought that was a nice gesture.

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