Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peach Pickin' at Eckert's

A visit to Eckert's Belleville Country Store & Farms was another one of those pesky activities that we just could never seem to find time for during the school year. Summer is a magical place where chocolate factory tours and peach trees are possible.

It's interesting that the vegetables were sold by volume but the fruits by weight.

When I heard the farm we'd be heading to was in Belleville, Illinois I did a quick flip through my mental contact book to think of anyone we knew in the area who'd like to join... Katie G came to mind and she was game. Hurray! We grabbed our pickin' boxes and headed over to the shuttle waiting area.

I thought the tractor pulling us in a trailer was pretty good country fun.

It was pretty sunny and I hadn't thought to bring a hat.

There were a lot of sweat bees around.

First we started picking some peaches. They were a bit hard so they weren't super exciting. I knew I could pick them now and then let them sit on the kitchen counter but I didn't want to wait that long! I'd say we took home like 10. You might say I'm pretty picky. Do you get it? It's a funny joke because I was there picking fruit but I was also very selective about which fruits I wanted. 

I'd say we ate about as much as we bought. I needed my box as a hat anyway.

Next we hopped on the next tractor that came by and then hit the blackberries. They were ripe so we grabbed more of these than peaches. The thing is, they are small so it took a lot more effort.

I thought it was fun how many different crops they had out there. This was what looked like a Christmas tree section.

Yay fruits and stuff!

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