Monday, July 11, 2016


Pokemon GO launched recently and has been awesome. I mean, the concept is awesome. So many people are trying to play it that the app itself has been performing pretty poorly under the strain. But the idea of making a game that involves augmented reality and encourages people to exercise is awesome.

The game's effect on parks has been especially amusing. You can totally tell who is playing and who isn't, and I've noticed packs of people playing in multiple parks. The demographics are interesting too. I feel like a lot of people playing it are our age where I might have guessed it would have been a bunch of little kids.

I exchanged numbers with a dude who I keep meeting outside my building who plays the game. I assume a couple of matching "Pokefriends 4 Life" tattoos aren't far off. Most games involve sitting alone indoors so I would say anything that gets people out and about is an improvement.

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