Friday, June 12, 2015

The Nazis' Revenge

Niš has a big fortress smack in the middle of town. I thought it was amusing because modern business as usual was happening right next to these giant old walls.

So Bulgaria valiantly protected their Jews from the dang ol’ Nazis but Serbia apparently did not, because we visited a concentration camp.

I unfortunately had to go to the bathroom. I'm going to say it was the worst bathroom experience I've ever had. Everyone knows that nazis are bad but they'd never done anything to me as an individual. No toilet paper?! Now it's personal.

It was brutally hot out. People aren't real big into air conditioning around here, so this outdoor cafe with those fans that squirt water was the best thing we could find. Man was it hot.

Niš has a free sort of welcome tour thing given by a volunteer organization. Nikola met us in front of a McDonald's and our first stop was the fortress.

I was initially disappointed because the fortress is hollow, there wasn't like a big castle in the middle. Instead there's a park and some cafes. It was nice in a completely different way.

This was a pretty nasty looking former communist regime building now serving as a police station.

A communist memorial of some kind.

We entered yet another orthodox church. Nikola said that we could take pictures though which is a rarity, so we took advantage.

We said our farewells to Nikola. He refused to take a tip even. What a nobleman.

We headed back inside the fortress to grab a bite at a cafe we'd scoped earlier. We tried rakia, which is pretty much fruity smelling grain alcohol.

We tried all sorts of things that were mentioned in our book. I think that our waiter was impressed.

"American Donuts" seemed to be regular donuts with chocolate sauce drizzled on them.

We checked out the "old mall" and it was pretty chaotic looking inside.

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