Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Executive Suite in Sofia, Bulgaria

We packed up our limited belongings and spent a little bit more time in Athens before flight time.

I realized I didn't post any pictures about the Airbnb apartment we rented so, why not now? It was like $68ish a night.

We had lunch at a little cafe at like 11:30-12ish and a local walked by and was laughing that we must be eating breakfast, I assume because it was so early.

We flew out on an Olympic Air propeller plane. It wasn't too bad.

Greece was fun. Next country. How about lovely Sofia, Bulgaria?

At the fancy Sofia Hotel Balkan the check-in process was proceeding normally until the clerk mentioned "we've upgraded you to an executive suite." I kept my poker face on and replied with a short pleasantry of some kind. Who knows what that even means after all.

We waited until the room door closed to go bananas. This room would make a nice hotel lobby. Two couches, a tv in the.... living room (?) and the bedroom, fancy chandeliers, scanner/printer, minibar, the works.

Here's a little tour.

Best of all our fancy room gave us access to the executive lounge which had free food, soda, fresh squeezed juices, wine/beer, and coffee available effectively round the clock. It was so killer. I'd say 75% of the food and drink I consumed while in the Republic of Bulgaria came from this room.

The hotel is somehow the same building as the president's office on the opposite end, complete with fancily dressed ceremonial guard.

We were on a corner room so we had two views. I believe that pointy building is the old communist party headquarters.

Hotel exterior.

All of this majesty cost me 4,000 points a night, which is sort of equivalent to $40.

Fun little police box.

Billboard advertising our trip to Cappadocia.

We haven't bought any train or bus tickets for this trip ahead of time, so that should be a source of entertainment for weeks to come. We figured out where the train station was and wandered its dimly lit, sparsely populated halls searching for the ticket office. We found it and the lady at the counter curtly informed us that they were closed for the day. We still had five minutes which is why her butt was still in that chair to begin with, but what can you do?

I did like this cool metal decoration they had on the wall.

We relaxed a bit at a tavern called Ale House that had self serve beer taps at every table.

The tap thing sounded awesome but there was no drain so you just had to have a cup under it to catch the drips. It also liked to just shoot foam instead of beer. It was fun anyway.

I ordered some kebabche, which were kind of like skinless sausages. The little dish there was spicy ketchup which was good times.

I then returned to my executive suite and did some important businessman things before retiring for the night.

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