Saturday, June 06, 2015

An Athens Sick Day

Today we were supposed to go to the Greek island of Santorini but I was having a serious gastrointestinal situation so we stayed in the apartment and Zeke and Angela went on without us.

After a bit of recovery I tentatively explored a couple sites in Athens as a consolation prize.

We headed over to the Acropolis to see what was happening. I was walking along the Parthenon minding my own business when a big gust of wind blew my hat off my head and into the Parthenon, past where tourists are allowed to tread. The gods themselves were jealous of my rocking free camo Keystone Light hat and stole it from me! Not cool, Athena.

We saw some other old stuff, yada yada. By this point in our trip I’m having a bit of ancient building fatigue. On the whole I would say the Greek ruins seem much more ruined than those in Egypt from the small amount that I saw.

Greece has the same circle bread (my name) things for sale as they did in Turkey.

The other thing on my must-see list was the changing of the Evzones at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square. These fancily dressed dudes bring to mind the Swiss Guard at the Vatican but these guys even have an extravagant march to match. Their kilts are said to have 400 pleats representing the 400 years of the Ottoman Empire's occupation of Greece.

We finally got to go to a supermarket that we found down an alley after much asking around. It was a small, fancy Whole Foods type place but I really didn’t care. We got some cheese, wine, tomatoes… pretty typical Greek stuff. I bought a little carton of fresh apricots which were pretty damn good.

My stomach was still questionable so that was all the excitement I was interested in for the day. We brought our grocery prizes home and snacked on them.

The building across from ours.

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