Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chinese Food in the Rain at Lake Bled


Today was a very rainy day. After checking out of our Ljubljana hotel, we took one last cab ride to the bus station. We had a few hours to spare before our bus left for Lake Bled, but, because of the rain, sightseeing was out of the question, so we settled for lunch at McDonald’s. The food in the last few countries hasn’t been very exciting, so we were ready for a trusty hamburger.

Our bus ride to Lake Bled was pretty uneventful. Thankfully there wasn’t a bachelor party on board and everyone was quiet. When we arrived in Bled it was still pouring rain. We checked into our hotel and hung out for a bit, hoping the rain would stop. Unfortunately it never did.

[Our hotel had this neat like Swiss chateau thing going on which was fun.]

[This hotel nearby had so much ivy growing on it that we wondered if it was haunted.]

We eventually ventured out with rain jackets and umbrellas in search of food. Well it turns out Lake Bled is packed with tourists, and there didn’t seem to be an empty table anywhere. That is until we came upon a little Chinese restaurant. There was plenty of room for us, the service was quick, and the food was decent. I say we won the battle!

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