Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making Ourselves at Home in Zagreb

We flew from Dubrovnik, Croatia to the capital city of Zagreb. It messed with my head a little because getting on a plane usually meant a new country on this trip. At any rate it was quite a different place.

I believe there was one last market that we wanted to see in the morning but there were just so many tourists that we gave up and left.

We left our last coastal city of the trip and headed inland.

When we landed in Zagreb the US Air Force was waiting to greet us. USA! USA!

Our first order of business was to go to the train station and buy our next set of tickets. It was pretty bad. This guy had to hand write them and it took forever. He even had a sheet of carbon paper he was using to make duplicates!

My first impression was how nice the city’s architecture was, especially compared to previous countries we’ve visited recently. It felt a lot more European. It was already pretty late though so we didn’t do much other than eat.

The train station was very nice.

The Croatian National Theatre

We hung out a bit at a bar called Kino Europa that doubles as Zagreb's oldest movie theatre. It was a good taste of the night life and a good people watching opportunity. Fun!

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