Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tesla Time


The next day we walked back across town and ate lunch at a restaurant on a little pedestrian path. I ordered a hamburger and was looking forward to good old fashioned beef, ketchup, and a bun. Instead I got a huge circle of pork sausage. Good but not what I was expecting.

[I ordered a caesar salad and it came with bacon and chicken. Winning.]

We were planning to go on a communist tour after lunch, but it was really, really hot, so we decided a museum was the better choice. We went to the Nikola Tesla museum. Tesla was a big deal Serbian-American scientist around Thomas Edison’s time. I learned that he invented the induction motor and remote controls. When Tesla demonstrated his first remote controlled object, a boat, some people thought that there must be a monkey hidden inside controlling the boat’s movements. I can’t say I blame them. Tesla’s inventions were pretty complicated and even after watching a few presentations in the museum and reading a few articles, I still don’t fully understand most of what he did.

[I also need to read about this stuff. It's hard for me to understand wireless electricity. The guide guy had a bunch of people hold neon lights then turned on this giant Tesla coil and they all turned on. It might just be black magic.]

[Apparently Tesla was building this giant tower to somehow electrify the atmosphere, providing free energy anywhere on earth. It seems like it's a good thing that he never got this up and running.]

[Tesla's ashes. If you are interested in learning more about Tesla's exploits give this humorous, expletive laden comic a look at The Oatmeal.]

We hung out in the air-conditioned hotel lobby for a bit, and then headed to the airport to catch our fight to Montenegro.

Serbia has funny-looking fire hydrants.

Belgrade airport.

They had one of those awesome old timey boards where all the number physically have to flip everytime the information changes.

Podgorica, Montenegro is loverly. Fun fact, it used to be called Titograd after its former communist dictator.

We finally rented a car! Freedom!

It was this strange diesel Volkswagen Golf. The engine turned itself off and on again at every red light.

I guess the hotel had automatic shoe shiners?

We ate a little something near our hotel and there was a familiar ad in their menu.

Montenegro was playing Sweden in a soccer match so the hotel was filled with soccer fans.

Odd hotel painting.

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