Friday, December 08, 2023

Seattle Food and Dranks

Today we went to the big city to eat at Greek-inspired Lola.


old overholt, meletti amaro, cherry herring, allspice dram

Spice rubber lamb chops

Phocific Standard Time is a well hidden little bar that was difficult to find even after knowing where to look. It's on the second floor of a restaurant that was closed for the day. I really liked this place's style and wild new cocktail flavors.

Thrillist had this to say:

"Yenvy and Quynh Pham's parents opened Seattle's first pho shop in 1982, and now the second generation of Phở Bắc does some equally impressive trailblazing of their own with this modern Vietnamese speakeasy tucked among the plants above their latest location. P.S.T. stands for Phởcific Standard Time, pronounced like "Psst—you gotta come over here and check out this Vietnamese coffee cocktail with aquavit and chartreuse egg yolk custard." Other drinks include traditional Vietnamese flavors such as artichoke tea, pickled leeks, and even phở broth."

The emperor
durian infused mekhong thai, Hennessy, coconut water, housemade coconut cream jelly

dom dom - firefly
singani, 63 brandy, lime, rau ram leaf, luzhou laojiao baijiu, cucumber bitters, black lava salt

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