Sunday, December 03, 2023

Rein of Terror

Ernie's little blue eyes flashing in the nightvision of his crib cam at 4 in the morning is like a little horror movie.

Today we met up with our German friends Miriam, Christopher, and their son Max in their neck of the woods at the Cougar Mountain Zoo. It was an odd place. We were here at this particular point in time to witness the majesty of the Annual Issaquah Reindeer Festival. Calling it a festival seemed like a stretch but there were reindeer present.

Many zoos go for a natural aesthetic to make the people and the animals feel like they are in a relaxing earthy atmosphere. This place was more like an internment camp run by a retired blacksmith. Everything was metal.

Like how many sets of bars can you spot in this picture? "Wanted: animal jailor. must hate animals and self. Serious inquiries only."

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