Thursday, December 07, 2023

A Smashing Journey Home

My life used to be full of social events and now most of the excitement in my day is potty events.

Conveniently I have Ern's school app on my watch so I am alerted the moment he farts.

Lydia got rear ended while driving Ernie home from school today. It was pretty scary initially but luckily when I arrived at the church parking lot all of the cars were waiting in things didn't seem that serious. I guess there were four cars involved but one just drove away. The one at the front who definitely wouldn't have been at fault, which I found to be very suspicious. A guy hit Lydia and then she got rammed into the car ahead. I guess he was trying to "misremember" events but the girl in front of her confirmed that Lydia wasn't at fault, so that's nice. He was driving a Tesla which made this pain in the ass very futuristic. In addition to the car being mangled we also need to get a new car seat as those are only rated for one crash each.

Ernie seemed to be ok when we got back home and got to the business of trying to pull ornaments off the Christmas tree. He can't crawl but he's figured out that he can transport his potato body by multiple rolls.

Ern enjoyed playing with the Christmas tree skirt that his great-grandma made.

He ended his day with a nice bath to soothe his poor car crashed muscles.

I'm glad they're both safe!

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