Monday, September 04, 2023

The Upside Down

Something beautiful happened today. Lydia was holding Ernie up above her and he spit up and it got in her mouth. He was spitting up the milk that Lydia had fed him earlier from her own body. It was a very circle of life/water cycle wonderful part of nature. These two are pretty gross and I'm glad I'm not involved.

One of the cool parts of Seattle's Stranger Things: The Experience was the end where they let you out of the experience part into a retro 80s mall type place with booze, free arcade games, and lots of photo ops. There were a lot of fun bright lights there as well and I have a little friend who likes bright lights a lot. Well they started letting people get into this area for free and I liked it so much I thought I should take a second bite of the apple.

The place was about to close and move to a new city, and Zoe hadn't seen it yet either so we took her along.

Ernie journeyed to the Upside Down multiple times.

We had some classic Chinese-American cuisine at Tai Tung in the International District.

I let Lydia part this poor boy's hair a few times and she keeps giving him these horrendous middle parts. He looks like Dwight Schrute.

Lately I've been playing Firewatch which is about a guy who works in a remote area in a fire tower. The loneliness and isolation take their toll and he starts seeing weird things happening around him. His only contact is by radio with the lady who works in a neighboring tower. It's suspicious because I've listened to a podcast serial with the exact same premise.

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