Saturday, September 23, 2023

Off to Orlando

Ernie had just hit 5 months old and he argued that you are only 5 months old once and that he should be able to go to Disney World. I couldn't find a fault in that logic so off we went.

Traveling these days involves like 400 bags and somehow still I only personally have room for like 3 socks.

While on the plane I did an important scan for pertinent Florida news.

A man at the airport pointed at his college-age daughter and said "your baby will look like this in 20 years". One of the numerous nice things about having a child is it's a way to relate to other people who are parents.

We made it!

Just on the drive to the Airbnb I was immediately struck with regret that we weren't staying in Orlando for weeks instead of days. There are so many important cultural sights to see.

We stopped at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's. I don't really know what that means but it was quite large. The line was stupid long so we didn't end up eating here, but they had pizza and subs and all kinds of weird stuff that is McDonald's sacrilege.

Our Airbnb had a fun little Simpsons arcade area.

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