Friday, September 08, 2023

Oatmeal is Globetrotting Fuel

We did some more real food eating today.

It's hard to continue being riotously entertaining because Ernie will get used to your antics and then you have to come up with new material.

Ernie got his Global Entry card in the mail which I think means he's officially a full blown member of our family.

We did round two of breastmilk oatmeal today, this time with some advancements.

For one thing we put a bib on him because it was quite messy last time. We got him a special baby spoon, and we did it on the tile in the kitchen in case there were any spills.

He got the hang of it impressively fast.

I got a try.

The Target in Redmond has quickly become one of our least favorite. They apparently have had some shoplifting and have responded by locking everything up tight. I felt like I was walking around inside a vending machine. Really the entire point of America is achieving higher and higher levels of convenient consumption, so this is anathema. Surely they are losing more in lost sales than they ever did in theft.

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