Thursday, September 14, 2023

Italy then Budapest for a Rest

Ernie woke up and realized the day had come to say farewell to his grandparents. He had more countries to see and they were too scared and needed to go back home.

Ernie also said goodbye to Mt. Vesuvius who was waiting outside the Airbnb.

Naples airport had a family line through security which we were excited about. Sorry, childless losers. Make way!

I've had my eye on this Malfy Italian gin for bit. I was tempted to buy some at the airport duty free store but figured I didn't want to be lugging it around.

There was a little section of buffalo mozzarella in a refrigerator.

The airport lounge was kind of drab but it did have some free mozzarella for anyone to dunk their hand in.

They had mini sfogliatella as well.

More buffalo cheese.

Ernie imagining his career path to Italian airport buffalo cheese salesman.

After landing in Hungary we realized hungary we both were and visited the McDonald's across the street from the airport. This is what travel is all about.

They have weird gummy bears in other countries. I will still eat them, but they are weird.

There were some amusingly ADA noncompliant stairs in our new home base building. A couple of steps confusingly next to the elevator made for a fun ride with a baby stroller.

Our Budapest apartment I think was the most baby-ready place ever. There was a crib already all set up for him.

He still preferred to sleep in his official crib though.

I got artsy with the airbnb tour. Is there a better advertisement to visit Hungary than the 'Budapest' song? No.

After a quick nap we ventured out for some.. adventure.

Budapest's nightlife is famous for its "ruin bars". Essentially bars that are in dilapidated buildings and are proud of that fact. Csendes was this place's name and apparently means "quiet" in Hungarian.

I was minding my own business when I walked past Street Food Karavan Budapest and saw the amazing variety of food trucks operating on the little street. I instantly forgot about wherever we were headed to investigate.

We each got different versions of goulash in a bread bowl. I seldom see bread bowls so this was fun.

This dessert looked exciting so I grabbed one of these from the goulash truck as well.

"Sponge Cake 'Somloi Style'

cocoa, nut and white sponge cake, chocolate sauce and walnut served with whipped cream"

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