Thursday, December 08, 2022

Gearing Up for Baby

We're having Ernie's baby shower in St. Louis, but don't want to have to lug all of that stuff back with us on the plane, so people have just been mailing us the prizes to the Kirkland, WA apartment.

We've been picking out travel fold-up type equipment that many people might use only for trips to be our main item. That way he'll get used to sleeping in the travel crib and won't be uncomfortable in a strange bed while we are traveling. Our philosophy to begin with anyway is that we will keep traveling and take him with us. We'll see what happens when that plans meets reality.

Fold up bed activated!

His stroller folds up real nice too. As soon as we figure out how it works.

I came to the amazing revelation that the Eddie Bauer store at Bellevue Square Mall has a friggin' walk in freezer so that you can test out their winter gear. That's genius and awesome. We have such a fancy local mall.

I've been listening to the audio book version of The Three-Body Problem
novel by Liu Cixin. It's sort of like science fiction on hard mode, as all of the characters have serious Chinese names that are hard for me to distinguish.

I've been enjoying playing DEATHLOOP on Xbox. The premise is that an experiment was being done on an island that looped time. And it worked, so now even the scientists working on it are also stuck in a loop like Groundhog Day where everything repeats over and over even if they die. Your character is one of the few who are aware of the loops so you end up shooting the same people over and over to accomplish your goal of breaking the loop machine. It was pretty awesome. Bethesda is involved which is one of my favorite video game companies so I'm not surprised that it is so fun.

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