Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Free Movie Fail

We have a trip to Saudi Arabia coming up and are unsure what to expect. We've read that visiting women can dress as they would at home but we aren't taking any chances.

I was excited to find an invite to a free showing of Avatar: The Way of Water at the IMAX theatre at the Pacific Science Center. I got an email saying something like "do not get here early, we will have security escort you out if you get here early and line up." We got there only a little bit early, and unsurprisingly there was already a giant line.

I was hopeful that we would get a seat but we ended up being the first group turned away. This experience snapped me. I used to love going to free screenings in St. Louis and got very good at finding them. It's fun to see a movie in the theatre, and it was fun because I would often end up seeing movies that I might not have chosen for myself that I ended up really liking. I was pretty pissed off because they lady running the showing seemed kind of uncaring toward all the people waiting who didn't get in. I was also annoyed at the company because it was clear that they were overbooking the place to a degree I don't usually see. Also the definition of "free" here in Seattle is a bit different than in St. Louis. For one thing it costs me about $10 in tolls to cross the bridge over Lake Washington. Then the mall that most of the showings are at charges $8 to park. So I'm actually paying a decent amount of money for this free thing, then having to wait in line to ensure I get a seat. I just don't think it's worth the hassle anymore. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

We turned lemons into lemonade and checked out another item on our "Christmassy stuff to do in Seattle" list. The Sheraton Grand hotel was hosting its 28th annual Gingerbread Village that was Buzz Lightyear themed.

We drove by the Seattle Miracle Christmas pop up bar but there was a line around the building so we bailed.

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