Sunday, December 04, 2022

I Got in Kevin Hart's Pants

We were in the Seattle Center area for a show and we stopped in at the Armory beforehand to see if there was any action.

They had a pretty substantial model train set up happening that was fun to take a peek at.

Kevin Hart's show was another one of those Gestapo situations where they force you to put all of your electronics into a magnetically sealed bag. So I have zero pictures of any of it. How can I laugh at jokes when I am so very sad. I have a... history of taking my phone to Climate Pledge when I'm not supposed to so I really felt personally attacked by this signage.

Kevin has a sponsorship deal with Fabletics and there were a few fun promotions to do in the arena's lobby. One of them was amazing, you just gave them your email address and they gave you a coupon for a free beer at the concession stand. Beers here cost legit $20 so we hopped on that one. Maybe Kevin isn't so bad after all.

The next day Lydia started to get sick. I think those dirty St. Louis people gave her something. Getting sick when you're pregnant is especially unfortunate because you aren't allowed to take any medicine.

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