Sunday, November 08, 2020

Disc Golfing in Fenton

The highlight of the day was heading out to Unger Park Disc Golf Course in Fenton and doing some discus damage.

I've come up with a new scam to spend money on Amazon. Companies tell me what to buy and I buy it, and then they reimburse me later on and I keep whatever crap they're trying to pump the sales numbers of.

A large amount of the stuff they have me buy is a dizzying array of shady vitamins. Once I have my rebate in hand this stuff goes straight into the trash for the most part. Welcome to capitalism. The reason I'm kayaking this river of trash is credit card points.

Unger Park was looking nice.

At some point we had to take a disc break because Spencer found a suitable pole vaulting stick and had to try it out.

This weird inflatable couch thing was another scammy gift from China.

Now that Biden is president-elect I thought it would be amusing to get a print or two of the picture we got with him at a Claire McCaskill rally a couple year ago. Lydia on the other hand can't get enough prints of that time she was schmoozing with Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz at a Cardinals game.

These days we get pretty exciting when a new hard seltzer flavor hits the shelves.

I won enough in my election bets that I had plenty of money to buy a pair of genuine Joey B Ray-Ban aviators.

I imagine I'm going to look something like this when they arrive.

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