Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Way Home

At this point in our RV odyssey we were done with a lot of the excitement. Now we were headed back to Oklahoma.

As a covid precaution we don't eat food that other people have cooked. We also don't enter buildings. Despite our holy rules we didn't want to pass up an opportunity to have a snack from the local chain Braum's. I thought it was a perfect move because at Braum's in addition to the fast food stuff they also have packaged food. So I walked up to the window and asked for a pint of ice cream. The drive through worker was mind blown and refused to go get me some damn ice cream from the shelf, and I refused to buy ice cream they prepared, so I walked away empty handed.

Some hilarious signs punctured the monotony of the drive.

Hooker, OK was a fantastic source of amusement.

I bet a lot of girls did pick up their Hooker t shirts here and then wore them proudly over at Hooker High School.

We explored the dusty little down of Buffalo, Oklahoma.

It seems as though the poppers became the poppees when Dollar General came to town.

Happy Fall Ya'll

I took a few pictures of our palace the next morning.

We never could get an actual fully hot shower out of this thing.

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