Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Checking Out Colorado

We woke up to a frosty morning in our RV campsite in Angel Fire, New Mexico.

Mesa Diamante

How could we not stop at Pagosa Springs, home of the world's deepest hot springs?

We have now crossed into Colorado territory.

They had some pretty fantastically creative town murals, I'll give them that.

There was a beer in New Mexico that I really wanted to try but they had some state law that said they couldn't do curbside pickup. Sad story for them. Luckily Colorado is a little more progressive concerning libations.

We took a stroll around scenic Durango.

I first heard about programs that would pay you to move to a particular place some time ago. I was intrigued but never put too much thought into it as there are a lot of barriers to moving. Well... my job is remote for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, we don't see much of our family and friends lately anyway, we don't go to restaurants... in short it seems like a perfect time to move somewhere and get paid to do so. I think I read that the Remote Shoals program was paying ten grand a person to move to Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I figured I would give it a shot.

We did a little night stroll around town near our newest campsite in Cortez, Colorado.

I like neon a lot. It's pretty close to magic.

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