Saturday, November 21, 2020

RVs, Start Your Engines!

With the world still in the grip of the plague the value of travel has become even more apparent. A bit of escapism is even more important with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and with the news of Covid-19 never seeming to let up with its negativity. A lot of other people must feel the same way because RVs have suddenly become the new hotness. The idea is to avoid the cootie filled planes and hotels while still having the range to stray far from home on an adventure.

In order to find the cheapest RV rental we drove out to Jenks, Oklahoma. Cheapest meaning like $1600 for 8 nights.

Jenks is apparently the rich people suburb of Tulsa.

We rented our 2015 Coachmen Freelander Express through an AirBnb type service called RVShare from a dude named Randy.

Randy was nice enough to give us a pretty thorough tutorial before we left. Good thin too because operating an RV is a lot harder than I had thought.

Some of the challenges of driving an RV became apparent immediately. We went to do a grocery pickup at a local Walmart but the vehicle wouldn't fit into the designated pick up parking spots. So we parked it somewhere else and just hung out in the spot with a shopping cart and waited. I think the staff were confused but it worked pretty elegantly otherwise.

 Having a bed in the car made it pretty convenient to take a quick nap in between driving shifts.

Our first campsite near Weatherford, Oklahoma was so fancy it had a little freakin waterfall installed.

Part of our new night time ritual is to hang a sheet up in front of the windshield at night so that people can't see us.

Am I the only one excited about the new Missouri statehood stamp coming out? The idyllic scene on the stamp is none other than Bollinger Mill State Historic Site.

You can tell things are getting desperate when I've researched bird feeders enough that I start getting Facebook ads for them.

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