Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cards Game with Senator Ted Cruz

My friend Chris posted on Facebook really last minute that he had extra Cardinals luxury suite tickets. I'd never been in a luxury suite that I can recall so I couldn't resist.

I think part of the luxury is that the box is much closer to the game than some of the other boxes I've been inside.

On my drive from the Brewery to Busch Stadium I forgot that Budweiser was the king of beers so it was lucky for me that I got several reminders during the game.

Speaking of which there's an upcoming beer festival at the Brewery. Yes please!

One fun aspect of the suites was being able to peek at the other suites in our vicinity. Some were decorated pretty nicely. To our immediate left must have been the Anheuser-Busch suite because there was a lot of fancy wood paneling and the amount of eagles that you would expect.

I scanned the people sitting over there for coworkers but I didn't see any. One guy looked vaguely familiar but I let it go and continued watching the game. Well I saw Chris looking over there a little too. We both agreed that there was a guy sitting over there that looked just like... Texas Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz. It was! I waived and asked if we could take a picture with him. We chatted briefly and he said that he was in town fundraising. He seemed nice. Lydia made fun of me for being too civil with him. Sad.

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