Sunday, September 02, 2018

Biking the Missouri Weinstrasse

Today we brought back an event we've done once or twice before: a round trip bike ride from Defiance, MO to Augusta's wine country.

Augusta is situated in the Missouri Rhineland region. The land near the Missouri river is apparently similar to Germany's Rhineland, so when German immigrants started arriving in the area they already knew what to do: grow grapes and make wine! According to trusty Wikipedia they wined so hard that around the time of the Civil War Missouri was the largest wine producing state in the nation.

Wikipedia: "The area along Route 94 between Defiance and Marthasville has so many wineries that the highway has been nicknamed the Missouri Weinstrasse (wine route)."

"We drank wine, senator."

Some of the wineries were pretty specific about their rules.

One the way home we stopped at a Mexican restaurant. Lainey tried to order enchiladas with beans only, no meat. Apparently that order got lost in translation because she got this watery refried bean mess instead. ¡Ay, caramba!

Back in St. Louis we did some more Lime scooter corralling.  It's fun to ride them around in the hallways.


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