Sunday, September 16, 2018

Love Beer Fest

Today we were in attendance at the aforementioned Love Beer Fest 2018. It turns out we really do love beer.

For some reason there was a petting zoo.

There was free beer ice cream! One was chocolatey and made with Goose Island Bourbon County Stout and the other was not and was deeply, deeply inferior.

Clare Dunn played a couple tunes in the Clydesdale stables. She's a country artist so I had no idea who she was but she sounded pretty good.

Porta potties so fancy they had bidets.

Michelob Ultra had a tap handle that made you work for your beer.

Lydia's dad is still walking the Appalachian Trail, also known as the Tallahassee Trail by certain as of now curiously unindicted stupid presidents. Anyway Devil's Backbone has a Trail Angel weiss, and they donate some of the proceeds to conserve the trail. We had one in his honor.

By this time things were getting weird.

Shots of coleslaw were downed.

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