Friday, August 31, 2018

Life Changing Cards Game

This was my first Cardinals game since an AB coworker of mine told me he worked the Busch Stadium grounds crew.

Is that him? Nahhhh.

Could that...? 



Baseball was happening too.

After the game I began an amazing career as a Lime scooter charger. In lime-punny parlance they are called Lime Juicers. All you gotta do is find one that's low on power, take it home and plug it in, then put it outside in the morning. The sucky part is the morning part. You are supposed to have them out on street by 7am. Bleh.

These are all the places you can set them in the morning. Luckily downtown is a hotspot so I don't have to go far.

Folding them into my normal sized, not a truck or van type car can get weird.

Hurray capitalism!

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