Saturday, August 18, 2018

Illinois Bicentennial State Fair

We went to the Illinois State Fair, as is my people's custom.

You know I had to say hi to my buds at the Bud Tent.

Everyone there was very buddy-buddy.

We had pork sandwiches at the Illinois Pork Producers tent, as the heavens command that we do every year.

It's funny when I lived in Springfield it seemed like a decent sized city, but after several years of life on the mean streets of St. Louis coming back here can feel like a visit to Mayberry.

Another of the sacred customs of my people is a visit to the Illinois Lottery tent. There's usually some kind of promotion, for example if you buy $10 worth of lottery tickets you get a free t-shirt or something. This year they stepped it up a notch. Someone must have told a lotto manager that the cool kids prefer experiences over objects, because this time when you bought a lotto ticket they gave you like a prize ticket that you had to walk to the opposite end of the fairgrounds to redeem.

There was much lamentation and gnashing of teeth on our walk to the other lottery tent. "Why are they doing this to us?! We just want a keychain!"

Well one of the prizes was a virtual reality experience. You could pick a few different little games. I went with space rollercoaster. I haven't used these VR headsets too many times yet so this was actually kind of fun.

Even more fun that doing it though was making my parents do it.

Lydia had so much fun she insisted we grab some swag and support the Illinois Lottery through the remainder of our fair-going experience.

There was much scandal when the butter cow misspelled "bicentennial" on Illinois' 200th birthday. This is why cows deserve to be eaten, they can't spell worth a damn.

Regardless of what we actually do or see at the fair the best part of all is the smug satisfaction of knowing that our state fair is far superior than that southern Illinois imposter state fair. Low energy!

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