Sunday, August 02, 2020

The Long Dry Drive to Texas

Lydia and Zoe have a great aunt Paula that lives near Fayetteville, Texas. At this stage in the end of the world COVID-19 pandemic we don't really enter any building other than our apartment. So hotels, public restrooms, grocery stores, etc. are all lava as far as I'm concerned. We came up with a pretty sweet plan, then, to visit Aunt Paula and be able to avoid cooties. They have a guest house that fit the bill perfectly. Zoe entered our bubble of trust by not doing any of her usual Zoe activities and by taking a covid test before the trip.

Some of the usual abuse that I endure at a rest stop in Arkansas. As hotels were out of the question we did the 13ish hour drive in one day.

To avoid public restrooms the girls tried their pee cones with mixed success. I, the hero of the story, simply did not go to the bathroom the entire trip there. I'm like a pee camel. Like a heroic camel of pee.

All of that time afforded us the opportunity to do some audio book listening. We finished Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain in no time. Bourdain read the book aloud, which was nice. I think that he was a special person and his go everywhere and eat everything style really spoke to me, and I was saddened to hear of his death.

Driving through the countryside always serves as a good reminder that the countryside is full of human excrement.

The setting sun was really painting the sky today so it was nice that I had nothing but time to watch it sink below the horizon.

Aunt Paula's guest house was on the second floor above a garage. One of the tips they gave us that I distinctly recall was to keep a look-out for scorpions. Joke was on them because I've been on scorpion watch every day of my life.

Nice place ya got here. Be a shame if... scorpions.

"Hey people from other countries: F you! Also cereal!"

As this was the first time we had been indoors with another human in like half a year I figured I would buy some fancy booze to celebrate. I grabbed a bottle of Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Tequila 2018 Edition. We tried a bit of it in a cave on the Jose Cuervo tour in Tequila, Mexico and it was pretty darn good.

They have a different artist do the box art every year, and this the artwork they were promoting during our trip so that made it even more fun.

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