Monday, August 03, 2020

Texas: Cows, Wine, and Pool Time

We began to settle into a routine in our new Texan home.

Sunny Fayetteville.

The girls admirably stuck to their fitness routine.

I worked very hard on my never ending homework. Every once in a while one of my master's class teachers has a "everyone just teach themselves" philosophy which makes things much less pleasant and much more time consuming.

I did so much homework that we ran out of wine. This time we visited Rosemary's Vineyard and Winery. They actually had a curbside system in place which was nice.

You never knew what sort of crazy animal you were going to see next back at the ranch.

We had some more Tex-Mex.

We bought some rubber ducky inflatables just for this occasion.

The property wasn't like a full scale commercial ranch or anything but they did have 10-20 cows hanging around as like a side project. 

The tongues came out when it was snack time.

I... can't really explain this situation.


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