Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Late Summer Night’s Stroll

We try to attend the Shakespeare in the Park performance in Forest Park every year (last year), so when covid ruined that I was excited when those geniuses came up with a socially distanced outdoor walking tour version instead.

"Shakespeare in the Park like never before. An 80-minute jaunt full of poetry, music and art. Loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “A Late Summer Night’s Stroll” puts you at the center of the story: four lovers’ escape to an enchanted wood and the magical night of transformation that follows. A socially-distant self-guided tour of iconic spots and hidden gems, featuring custom installations, open-air performances and charming vignettes."

Doug and Linda were in our gang.

I had assumed beforehand that it was just going to be the same actors but spread out in small groups. This was fun because I didn't even know what type of art to expect: sometimes it was music, sometimes dance, acting, but always fun and usually somehow related to the story. There were times when I definitely had to refer to the program to understand what the heck was going on but it was entertaining nonetheless.

The Saint Louis Art Museum was looking fine af.

Apotheosis hypnosis

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