Monday, August 03, 2020

First Day of Texas: Wine and a Whole Lot of Beans

After waking up to our first Texas morning in lovely Fayetteville, the first item on our agenda was to do a supply run into town.

There wasn't a ton to see in the area which was kind of calming. With nothing to see I could concentrate on doing absolutely nothing. During covid there's a certain amount of stress that comes from the presence of other people. Being in a place where not that many people were was a way to unwind. While there wasn't a ton going on, we did happen to be in a sort of Texan wine country, so we made a point of sampling some of the local vintners' wares.

It was about to get real crumbly.

Lydia did a good job experimenting with a lot of different Tex-Mex cuisine. I'm always amused by the fact that every dish contains the exact same four ingredients.

There was a pool near our guesthouse that we made an appearance at. It was quite a center of local wildlife as it was probably the only water source for quite a distance. For example wasps kept landing on its surface to drink which I was impressed by the physics of.

After some more Tex-Mex for dinner we headed out into the Tex for a night stroll.

We had a little dessert. Texas sheet cake, of course.

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