Saturday, August 08, 2020

Last Day of Texas Roadhouse

On our last day in Texas we did a lot of the same stuff we did every other day here, which was perfect with me.

I learned that there is a thing called a dewberry. I think it's similar to a blackberry but not the same thing. I figured the best way to experience this new exotic fruit was in beer form. I wanted to make sure I got all of the nutrients.

I may have pushed a couple bugs onto an ant hill. For science.

Zoe when she realized how bright my future is.

So Lydia was making this cornbread thing with jalapenos in it. And I believe that it involved putting a pan into the oven to bake. Well a classic move is to put a pan in the oven, heat it to the temperature of the sun, pull it out of the oven and set in on the stove, then sometime later forget that it is now lava, and grab the handle with your bare hand. Sizzle sizzle. So while Lydia was experiencing her hand on fire, she must have rubbed her eyes... and now she had jalapeno juice in her eyes. It was a whole thing. There was a lot of crying, milk poured on faces.

Anyway the cornbread was pretty good. So I'd say... Worth it.

We left the next morning to repeat our feat of driving across the country without stopping.

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