Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Diet Accomplished

I bet Hank that I could lose 40 pounds in four months. It ended up being a challenge that was well suited to my current situation of zero bars or restaurants or really interacting with other people in person at all. It was much easier to control my diet under these circumstances. I also rode the crap out of the Peloton.

Viry and Lolo gave me a pizza for my birthday like 3 months ago and it has been glumly waiting for me in the fridge ever since. I set it free!

We already had several ice cream toppings on hand from.. coupon sort of maneuvers that I like to do to get random free stuff. Anyway it turned into a nice celebratory ice cream bar.

I need to get fat again ASAP because none of my clothes fit and it's super annoying and I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe. At one point we took a walk in Tower Grove Park and I didn't have a belt on for some reason. I had to walk around the whole time with my thumbs in my belt loops to keep my pants from falling down.

I've been scheming on how to get into a covid vaccine trial to potentially get my shot before everyone else and be the coolest kid in town. A downside that has been on my mind is that if you are in the placebo group that they may not tell you for a while, and then if the vaccine became available you would potentially then not get it because you wouldn't know if you already had it or not. I'm feeling brave though, because getting the coronavirus sounds unpleasant and I'm tired of living like I'm on a space station.

Hillbillies seem determined to pretend that this isn't a problem. They aren't really that good about threats that require a lot of thought.

Better late than never I guess?

Part of the reason that I'm a hero is that instead of going outside and coughing on people I'm staying home and watching 1990s episodes of Supermarket Sweep. It's interesting to see which brands survived and which didn't.

All the time I've saved by going nowhere and doing nothing I have invested in numerous bubble baths.

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