Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Gas Stations and German Enclaves of Missouri

Decided to mix it up a little and... did some more camping and hiking at Thousand Hills State Park near Kirksville in Adair County. The park features 1,500 year old Native American petroglyphs. We... did not have time to go see them, but I'm convinced that they exist.

Pretended to be admiring the flowers on this button snakeroot when really I was creepin’ on this old guy’s campsite at Long Branch State Park. The area was created when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dammed a river near Macon.

I think this poor bug was trying to lay eggs in some tree bark and was confused that all it was finding was impenetrable brown fiberglass.

There was an old timey Shell station museum thing on the side of the road that I was slightly obsessed with.

Deutschheim State Historic Site in Hermann includes the Pommer-Gentner house, which was built in 1840, when Germans first settled the Missouri River valley that reminded them of home.

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