Sunday, July 05, 2020

All the Parks, All the Fun

Our campsite at Harry S. Truman State Park was just friggin crawling with centipedes.

Some sort of nightmare inspiring piñata full of centipedes had been burst open just before we arrived. 

I set my backpack down at Harry S Truman State Park and noticed this Virginia Flower Fly mimicking a Yellowjacket. Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to get me to confuse order Diptera with order Hymenoptera, am I right?

All trails were closed due to storm damage, so we walked the beach at Pomme de Terre State Park. There were no sea shells but I did find 87 cents. In the 1830s, the river was the dividing line between the Indians and settlers.

Said hello to the fishes at Bennett Spring State Park. More than 100 million gallons of clear, cool water gush from Bennett Spring each day and form a spring branch stocked daily with rainbow trout waiting for lucky fishermen.

I have to assume that this neatly spherical poop globe was the work of a dung beetle. Why a butterfly was now straddling it... that even I do not know.

Briefly considered spending the night at the nice but drafty castle at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The property was leased for use as a hotel but was gutted by fire in 1942 (I blame nazis.) 

Uranus is full of delicious fudge.

We stopped at a roadside winery in St. James. The hillbillies that work there were super rude about the fact that we didn't want to go inside under any circumstances.

We brought our giant squarsh home and weighed it. What a beast.

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