Friday, May 22, 2020

First Camping Trip During Covid

Well Missouri is a big state and so if we were serious about our quest to see all of the state parks we were going to have figure out how to spend the night while out and about. We decided hotels and Airbnbs were too dangerous and cootie-filled so that narrowed us down to camping. Things were so uncertain that even state park campsites were closed, so that narrowed things down further.

Food also became a logistical issue when planning on being away from home for days because we don't currently eat at restaurants. So we decided to do grocery pickup at Walmart and just fill up coolers with enough ice to keep our food cold for the weekend.

Base camp was Lazy Day Campground in Danville, MO.

We went hardcore this time and just built a fire, wrapped up some food in foil, and popped it near the fire and hoped for the best. I don't think we had brought any sort of tongs with us so we had to put the food sort of fire adjacent rather than right on top. This led to a charming half cold half burnt situation that was memorable.

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