Wednesday, May 13, 2020

A Delicious Encounter with Pickled Watermelon Rind

My mom likes fried chicken a lot. So in 2012 I took my dear mother on a road trip to the World Fried Chicken Festival in London, Kentucky. We also visited the original KFC which was like a roadside restaurant and motel. Anyhoo, on the way back we visited the Shaker community at Pleasant Hill. We ate there and one of the sides was pickled watermelon rind. I thought it was wild because it was a thing I had not previously considered to be edible. It's kind of fun to turn a thing that isn't food into food through the magic of pickling. Well that meal must have left quite an impression on me because I've wanted to pickle watermelon rind myself ever since. The apocalyptic coronavirus landscape that we now live in seems like the perfect opportunity to pickle items that I may have to eat out of the trash. You know, when our monetary system collapses and roving bands of warriors battle over the remaining gasoline.

We take a lot of walks down deserted city streets these days.

The internet is a magical place full of weirdos so it wasn't difficult at all to find a pickled watermelon rind recipe.

Peeling the husk of a melon is a lot more work than I realized I was signing up for. Greatness doesn't come easy, I suppose.

The recipe called for jalepeños which I was excited about. 

Long story short, you cube the rind, add in vinegar, spices, and about ten pounds of sugar, heat it up, cool it down, badda bing badda boom you got pickles.

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