Friday, May 29, 2020

Camping With the Raccoons

We embarked on another weekend camping trip, this time a bit wiser after having survived our first one.

There's nothing like a clean shave before a trip. I always thought a Hulk Hogan-esque horseshoe mustache would be funny but my life was full of pesky work and social engagements holding me back. Now that I was permanently quarantined I could finally become the real me.

The trip started where many a trip starts now: with a curbside grocery pickup from Walmart.

There was some trip related mail to attend to.

There were snacks.

The setting sun did a beautiful job of highlighting just how dirty my windshield is.

Our campsite this time was clear on the other side of the state at Knob Noster State Park. The awesome name comes from one of two small hills or "knobs" that rise up in an otherwise flat section of Missouri. The park was constructed in 1937 by the CCC and WPA.

There were some serious raccoons at this site. They were scampering all over the place at night, especially around the dumpsters.

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