Sunday, March 29, 2020

More Covid Surviving

Today was a lot like every other day now.

It was a nice sunny day for keeping it real on the roof.

The wifi reaches through the outside wall of our apartment no problem. I try not to think about the fact that if it can travel through brick walls that it can also travel through my skull. The roof is like my second office at this point.

When the time on an Apple Watch hits ten till, it will warn you that you're running out of time to get your stand point for the hour. So if you hear vigorous walking in place around that time you need not be alarmed.

I didn't wait long to use my new copy of Drawful 2 to crush my family, friends, and enemies.

Oh no, not graduating during a time of economic destruction. Welcome to America.

We did maybe our first walk downtown since the world ended. It was very eerie and deserted. One of my favorite parts of Washington Avenue are all of the brightly lit business signs. They were all off now for the first time I can recall. So the streets were abandoned, all the lights were out, and I guess as a result there were no police around either. It was a very uncomfortable post-apocalyptic feel.

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