Wednesday, March 04, 2020

A Milwaukee Bar After Super Tuesday

Biden did pretty terrible in the Democratic primary debates, so I was confused and annoyed when everyone started dropping out of the race and endorsing him.

Elizabeth Warren, who I used to like a lot, thought of herself as so powerfully important that she refused to drop out before Super Tuesday and I think cost Bernie Sanders his chance at the nomination.

And now this old goof is going to be the nominee. Sigh.

This phone booth was fantastic. I want it in my apartment as a sort of post apocalypse art exhibit.

I went to Eagle Park Brewing Company for some refreshment.

I went for some appetizers to keep my beers company. The food was surprisingly fancy. These were the:

"Duck confit perogies

Homemade perogies filled with melt in your mouth duck confit and topped with cherry stout jam, served on a salad of crispy brussel sprouts, potatoes, and arugula, tossed in herb oil." 

I also decided upon the:

"Cheese basket

IPA battered clock shadow cheese curds and seared Brazilian cheese. Served with house pickles and choice of sauce."

The beer was solid so I stocked up to bring back to the Lou. This is the 9.5% ABV Hazelnut Miss Swiss Imperial Milk Stout. Awesomely it's brewed with marshmallows, cocoa. and hazelnut.

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