Friday, March 27, 2020

Love In the Time of Corona

So the world may be on pause while the coronavirus stalks the streets, which mightily sucks. I will say though that I feel very lucky that this disaster hit at this time in my life. Missing a lot of my 36th rotation is a lot more manageable than missing my senior year of college, a high school Europe trip, or some other sort of irreplaceable life milestone. I'm just going to chill out, stay safe, keep my powder dry and beat life that much harder when the time is right.

Watching business' reaction to this calamity has at times been sickening. They just seem to be single mindedly about money no matter what the cost to the public or their employees. "Sure people are dying in the streets, but come on down to Denny's and buy some bacon and eggs."

The abrupt end to familial connections or social life has led everyone to do a lot of web calls and online gaming. Well it turns out that these services weren't necessarily built to have every soul on earth logged on at once. Many a tear was shed yelling at frozen screens and laggy game connections.

We found this free online Cards Against Humanity ripoff.

Roof? Roof.

Here's to you, outside.

Illinois College's Jacksonville, IL rival, MacMurray College, announced that it would close its doors. Much like the virus itself took the opportunity to claim those that were already old or sick, the present economic climate was murdering organizations that were already weakened by other forces.

My fraternal organization at IC, Phi Alpha Literary Society, didn't have a female organization paired to it, as the other lit societies did. Well we had sort of an unofficial relationship with Phi Nu from Mac. I vaguely recall a few of them but I distinctly remember them having like a group choreographed dance to Prince's "P. Control". As much fun as I had with the girls I never once even considered visiting MacMurray's campus. It seems like a wasted opportunity in retrospect.

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