Friday, March 13, 2020

Things Get Worse Before Kenya

Tomorrow we were going to Kenya, and the deterioration of the Covid-19 situation both in the US and the world continued. It was definitely making the decision of whether to continue according to plan more unpleasant.

After we had so much fun catching a BattleHawks game it was sad to hear that the remainder of their maiden season was canceled.

Up to this point my logic for going to Kenya was that there was less covid there than in the United States. While that was still true I was not excited to see that cases had begun to appear there the day before departure.

Tourism accounts for about 10% of the Kenyan economy. So you see, us sticking to our Kenya travel plans was important to support the country's service sector.

It's pretty bad when so many people are getting the plague that they have to close the cemetery.

One silver lining that I've been able to find in the virus outbreak is that the latest Fast and Furious movie has been postponed.

I called several hardware stores out in the boonies. I thought that maybe since the country folk don't believe in the virus that there would still be N95 masks available for sale. There were none.

In hindsight it seems like insanity that we went through with our travel plans. I think our decision to continue was a mixture of a few things. I had just traveled through Asia without much incident. I recall thinking that the US was handling this so badly that being abroad for a while might be an improvement to our situation. Air Canada wouldn't let us get a refund on our tickets and we still didn't have refunds from our canceled Mongolia trip. At this point in time I think this was still a "stay out of China and Italy and you're pretty safe" state of affairs.

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