Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Milwaukee: Land of Custard and Casinos

It was another day of frozen paradise in Milwaukee.

It started snowing.

I got deep into the Wisconsin tasting game with this maple root beer. I'm about to be the healthiest man alive.

One of my favorite coworkers understands that I'm on a quest to eat at every restaurant in the city. Or at least all of them that serve frozen custard, as Milwaukee bills itself as the frozen custard capital of the world. So he drove us to Oscar's Frozen Custard & Sandwiches.

The giant light-up ice cream cones suspended from the ceiling really turned the dining ambience up a notch.

 I got all the food groups: cheeseburger, onion rings, and a fudge sundae.

Drove past Miller Park while following some questionable Google Maps directions.

Back at the casino we were celebrating senior day.

I decided to celebrate it at the Dream Dance Steak House. Staying at the casino was fun because it was pretty big with lots of space to wander while I worked on closing my fitness rings, and there were several restaurants that I could walk to.

Caesar is pretty clearly king of all salads.

There was a trashy woman sitting a few seats over who kept asking to "taste" things and then "not liking them". I got the impression she just didn't like paying for things. I guess neither do I but I go about it with a bit more flourish. Speaking of which, I noticed that one of the $50 wines she tried was the Lucien Albrecht sparkling rose from Alsace. France. I bought several bottles when I noticed it on clearance at World Market in St. Louis.

I still have one aging in my fine wine cellar/work from home office. The tag says $11 and you can usually get 25-20% off that price by buying 6 bottles. Long story short I'm a genius and wine at restaurants is a huge ripoff.

I got an 8-ounce filet that came served with the house Bearnaise. I don't know what sort of a serial killer would put sauce on a steak like this but whatever. It can just sit in the corner and think about its choices.

I had some homework to attend to and when that was finished I rewarded myself with spending my free slot play certificate. They had fun machines that I hadn't seen before like this Casino Royale James Bond situation.

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