Friday, April 03, 2020

An Escape to the Drive-In

The coronavirus has cut me off from my family and friends, which is a bummer. What's kind of funny though is that with Zoom meetings, I end up seeing some out-of-town family more than I ever did before. 

I often up on a several politician's mailing lists during election years and I don't unsubscribe because I like to see what sort of things that are saying directly to their supporters. 

We walked over to Ballpark Village and admired the giant Commissioner's Trophy that lives over there now.

Another nice thing about the end of the world is that I spend a lot more time outdoors than I ever did prior, and so I feel much more connected to nature and aware of what it's up to.

A nearby gym is included in our rent. That gym is closed. I asked our landlord if that meant our rent would go down in the meantime. He said no.

I've always thought drive-in movie theaters were cool. I like movies, I like retro technology, and I like sneaking an actual trunk load of snacks into movies. Well modern movie theaters are closed along with everything else, so suddenly my drive-in interest has fully blossomed.

To give you an idea of how bored everyone is in the current climate, the trip from our place to the Starlite Drive-In near Potosi, Missouri is about 1.5 hours one way. We invited our friends Viry and Lolo to join and they readily agreed. And of course they had to drive in a separate car so that we didn't cough on eachother.

It was a double feature as drive-in movies always seem to be. I don't know if it was due to scheduling or because the first movie was some Jesus crap, but we only watched the second film which was The Way Back. It was not the typical movie that I would pay to go see but as I mentioned I don't get out much these days and at this point I would have paid to watch paint dry. I was surprised to really enjoy it. 
Ben Affleck played a guy who went back to his Catholic high school to coach their basketball team. So not only was it a decent movie but it brought back a lot of memories of my own high school sports experiences.

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