Saturday, April 25, 2020

My New Favorites: Toilet Paper and the IRS

All sorts of things that now count as exciting happened today.

I entered my bank account information into the IRS website to tell them where to send my stimulus check. Cannot wait to be stimulated.

We were getting down to our last raggedy rolls of one-ply toilet paper when we were blessed by Thor.

We wanted to have another car hangout but it was raining. So we improvised and parked in an empty mall parking garage in Kirkwood. I feel like we're a bunch of teenagers now.

We revived the famed 4Play Hike Club from our teaching in Ashikaga, Japan days. This is another instance of me seeing certain people more during covid than I did during normal times. Tung was upside down in Australia so he was at work in his cafe's kitchen. We visited the North Carlton Canteen in Melbourne a few years ago. No big deal.

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