Sunday, April 05, 2020

Pandemic Self Care

The stress of living through a pandemic is interesting because it's such a low boil. It's not like a big event but lots of little ones. I quickly realized how much of social life is really sort of a stress coping mechanism that I now didn't have.

It might seem kind of silly but I started taking a lot of baths around this time period as just like a ritual to calm myself in times of great annoyance. One of the fun perks of our apartment is that it has a Jacuzzi bathtub with jets and everything. I learned from Japan that the correct way to take a bath is with water so hot that it pinkens your skin in a human sous vide situation. Now that I have an Apple Watch that tells me my heart rate it's fun to see how high my heart beat gets in the water. It's like free exercise!

Also booze. Alcohol is like bath time in a bottle.

I made this one. Pretty, pretty proud.

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