Saturday, September 14, 2019

Strange Loop Power Glove 2019

This year at Strange Loop I finally convinced Seago to conquer his fear and join up. We continued my annual tradition of volunteering 2 or 3 shifts in order to go for free. It's a pretty sweet arrangement.

There was swag for days. This was a slap can coozie but it made for a very masculine bracelet as well.

One of the techie talks was using the Titanic passenger manifest as a dataset. This must be common because I've been given assignments using it on a course I took on R. You see, I'm somewhat of a scientist myself. 

It was nice having Seago around as a sanity check. Some of the talks just sort of suck, and it was nice to have another vote on the subject. Does this talk suck, or am I currently the keeper of said suck?

I thought it was cool that one of the talks was presented by an Airbnb engineer.

The closing keynote speaker is always something to look forward to at Strange Loop. This year was Imogen Heap.

In addition to having a cool name, Imogen also has this cool Power Glover sort of device where she can mix her vocals on the fly using only gestures. It was really cool to watch her do it in real time.

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