Monday, September 02, 2019

Innsbrook then Greece

After yesterday's revelries at Innsbrook this morning was pretty chill.

I examined some more concerning artwork on the walls and was definitely ready to leave before the shadowman curse took effect.

We went to the dumpster to throw out the trash and Lydia decided to also throw in her cellphone.

A random man was around and helped Lydia. I think he was actually there to scavenge rich people's trash.

There was a party incident in which this priceless bottlecap heirloom was knocked over and it's glass shadow box broken. Luckily they had some at a local craft crap supply store so we were able to replace it.

The perfect crime.

Innsbrook was fun. I'd come back.

Back in the big city we headed over to the Central West End's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for the annual Greek Festival. Opa!

After stuffing our faces with Greek awesomeness we took a little tour of the church. Growing up in the church of the western Roman Empire I like to check in on the church of the eastern Roman Empire from time to time. It's what good empire neighbors do.


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