Sunday, September 15, 2019

Missouri Botanical Gardens Garden Party Lights

Lydia scammed us some tickets to see the Missouri Botanical Gardens Garden Party Lights event through the Educator Appreciation Day program. I think it would normally cost like $20 a piece so I was excited about the opportunity to do it for free.

We saw St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson admiring one of the light shows. Lydia's still pretty jelly that I have a picture with her and she doesn't. Sad. I think she's also pretty sour about how much better "Lyda" rolls off the tongue than "Lydia".

It was fun but I'm definitely glad we didn't spend $40 to get in here, nor would I recommend anyone else do so. The Botanical Gardens are sort of annoying because they take tax money but they also try to charge admission. They are by far the lamest of the Science Center, Art Museum, and Zoo group and yet are the only ones trying to charge for tickets. Not sure what they are thinking.

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